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Toshiba Satellite P10 / P15 / P20 / P25 / P30 מקלדת לנייד טושיבה

175.00 ₪
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  • הזמנה מאובטחת הזמנה מאובטחת
  • משלוח מהיר משלוח מהיר
  • תמיכה טכנית טלפונית תמיכה טכנית טלפונית

Toshiba Satellite P10/P15/P20/P25/P30 מקלדת לנייד טושיבה


Product Information.
Item Condition New
Warranty 1 Month(s)
Keyboard Language US Ver,. Satellite A, M and P series and many more
Part Number OEKB-TO-002, G83C0001K210, 48.N5601.001 V-0522BIAS
Remark Without Pointing Stick (Pointer)


Compatible Models.
 Qosmio E15 series  Satellite A35-S159
 Qosmio E15-AV101  Satellite A35-S1592
 Qosmio F15 series  Satellite A35-S1593
 Qosmio F15-AV201  Satellite A35-S209
 Qosmio G15 series  Satellite A40 PSA40L-064FK
 Qosmio G15-AV501  Satellite A40 PSA40L-075N6
 Satellite 1410 Series  Satellite A40 Series
 Satellite 1415 Series  Satellite A45 Series
 Satellite 1905 Series  Satellite A45-S250
 Satellite 1905-S301  Satellite A50 PSA50L-08R002
 Satellite 1955 Series  Satellite A50 Series
 Satellite 2400 PS240L-04UP5  Satellite A55 Series
 Satellite 2400 Series  Satellite A60 Series
 Satellite 2405 Series  Satellite A65 Series
 Satellite 2405-S201  Satellite A65-S126
 Satellite 2410 PS241L-5Y34T  Satellite A70 Series
 Satellite 2410 Series  Satellite A75 Series
 Satellite 2410-504  Satellite A80 PSA80L-01M003
 Satellite 2430 PS243L-0648S  Satellite A80 Series
 Satellite 2430 Series  Satellite A80-168 PSA80E-06G02PGR
 Satellite 2430-S255  Satellite A85 Series
 Satellite 2430-S256  Satellite M10 Series
 Satellite 2435 Series  Satellite M100 PSMA1L-00V00C
 Satellite 2435-S255  Satellite M100 Series
 Satellite 2435-S256  Satellite M105 Series
 Satellite 5105 series  Satellite M115 Series
 Satellite 5105-S501  Satellite M30 PSM30L-7101S
 Satellite 5105-S502  Satellite M30 Series
 Satellite 5105-S607  Satellite M35 Series
 Satellite 5105-S608  Satellite M40 Series
 Satellite 5105-S701  Satellite M45 Series
 Satellite 5105-S702  Satellite M50 Series
 Satellite 5105-S901  Satellite M55 Series
 Satellite A10 PSA10L-024F3P  Satellite P10 Series
 Satellite A10 PSA10L-033X4P  Satellite P15 Series
 Satellite A10 PSA10L-0FT9PP  Satellite P20 Series
 Satellite A10 Series  Satellite P25 Series
 Satellite A100 PSAA9L-02Z00C  Satellite P30 Series
 Satellite A100 Series  Satellite P35 Series
 Satellite A105 Series  Satellite S2450-202
 Satellite A10-S127  Tecra A1 series
 Satellite A15 Series  Tecra A2 series
 Satellite A20 Series  Tecra A3 series
 Satellite A20-S259  Tecra A4 series
 Satellite A25 Series  Tecra A5 series
 Satellite A35 Series  Tecra A7 series
- Satellite 1955: K000831520, PK13TR80000
- Satellite 2430, A35: K000001620, PK13TR80000
- Satellite A10, A15, A20, A25, 5105, Tecra A1: P000377360, G83C0001K210, N860-7630-T001
- Satellite A20, A25, A40, A45, A50, A55, Qosmio E15, F15, G15, Tecra A2: G83C0000EA10, P000402600, P000392120
- Satellite A25:G83C0000E510, P000368700
- Satellite A55, Tecra A2: G83C0003G110, P000402620
- Satellite A60, A65: V000040140, 99.N5682.A01
- Satellite A80, A85, Tecra A3: K000021640, NSK-T4701, 99.N5682.701, PK13AT10600
- Satellite A100, A105, M40, M45, M110, M115: V000050260, NSK-T4D01, MP-03433US-9301, 6037B0001401
- Satellite A135: PK13AT10700, MP-03433US-6984, 6037A0091401
- Satelilte M30, M35: UE2024P137, P000367430, P000349600
- Satellite M55, Tecra A5: K000027960, PK13ZKM0100, PK13AT10700, KFRSBA001A
- Satelilte M100: PK13AT10600, 9J.N5682.701, NSK-T4701
- Satelilte P10, P15: NSK-T4401, 99.N5682.401, PK13AL00000, PK13AW01100, K000015390
- Satelilte P20, P25: KFRMBA132B, PK13AL00000 or PK13TQ00100, NSK-T4101
- Satelilte P30, P35: PK13CW10100, PK13CW10200, 99.N5682.301, PK13AL00000, KFRMBA132B 

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Toshiba Satellite P10 / P15 / P20 / P25 / P30 מקלדת לנייד טושיבה

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